Please see below for testimonials about the studio.


Doris and Raoul Ranger

As you approach your 10th anniversary, we are writing this letter to commemorate you on your successes as a dance studio.  Our daughter has been dancing at your studio for most of those years, during which time she has grown into a responsible, independent, enthusiastic young lady.  She was able to become such a person due to the welcoming and friendly atmosphere you present in your studio.  With your support and positive criticism, she has developed into a strong and confident dancer.    Through your creativity, encouragement and perseverance, the dancers have the opportunity to experience pride and excitement with every number they rehearse and perform at showcases, competitions and/or recitals.  In the past, you had many years of being successful dancers yourselves and are now sharing your knowledge with the children in our community.  Thank you for all you do and we wish you many more years of continued success.

Miss Evelina Sushko

I just love teaching at Dance Expressions de danse! From the very beginning, the very first demi-plies you are being submerged there in the atmosphere of inspiration, creativity, energy, team spirit, beauty and passion for all kinds of dances. You will learn to connect your physical abilities with your inner self and communicate with the world through movement. Once you are joining Dance Expressions de danse, whether as a student, a parent of a student or a teacher, you will most definitely feel that you not only become a part of a school, but a part of a wonderful tight-knit family – Dance Family! And you WILL fall in love with DANCE!!!

John and Kimberley Lazaridis

We have 3 daughters and they have all danced at Dance Expressions de danse in both the recreational and competitive classes.  It is much more than just a school of dance.  The instructors teach the dancers various styles of dance, but they also emphasize the importance of hard work, commitment, discipline, teamwork, having fun, friendship and acceptance.  Two of our daughters have extraordinary needs and we were met with no hesitation or trepidation when we signed them up for dance classes.  They were immediately accepted and embraced for who they are by each staff member at the studio.  Our family is grateful for the encouragement and support we have received there and for the positive influence Dance Expressions de danse has had on our girls.

Tamara and Scott Bass-Taggart

When you become a Dance Expressions de danse dancer, you also become part of the Dance Expressions de danse family.  The phenomenal staff at the studio are creative, professional and passionate about dance and teaching.  These positive role models go beyond the dance moves to teach children about working together, community involvement and volunteerism by actively engaging families in opportunities to support the less fortunate and by promoting the arts.  Dance has allowed our children to take part in an activity that promotes self-confidence, time management, hard work, commitment and most importantly:  FUN.  As Dance Expressions de danse parents we are grateful for the upfront cost information, the predetermined class and rehearsal times and the exceptional organization and updates we receive from the studio to keep us well informed and prepared to support our dancers.  With an emphasis on proper technique our children are consistently improving their dance skills to meet personal goals, competitive achievements and outstanding showcase/recital performances.  With great mentorship from the staff our kids are learning about the importance of good fitness, strong body and mind connections and healthy eating and living.  The skills they are acquiring today are shaping them for the future.  Our Dance Expressions de danse experience has been extraordinary and we are grateful for the lifelong friendships we have made.  The studio offers classes for all ages and includes a variety of dance forms.  Come out, try a class, you will be glad you did!

Natasha Roy

Je veux remercier Madame Tara et son équipe et sans doute Madame Katherine. Merci à vous tous pour tout ce que vous avez fait pour mes filles, Chanel et Océann. Merci à Madame Tara de toujours vous adresser en français envers mes filles. Vous avez toujours pris le temps de les écouter et les encourager à danser. Merci de les avoir donné l’occasion de danser le ballet pour la première fois. Merci pour la confiance que vous les avez donné lors de les pratiques de danse. Vous avez une super bonne équipe et vous travaillez bien ensemble. Merci aussi pour l’attention vous m’avez accordé lorsque j’avais des questions ou des inquiétudes. Nous allons définitivement revenir danser chez vous au studio Dance Expressions de danse!  Merci Madame Tara et votre belle équipe.

Lisa and Claude Daigle

Dance Expressions de danse is a home away from home for our girls.  It is here that they feel love and encouragement and are challenged to be the best that they can be.  Our girls have been dancing with Dance Expressions de danse for over 6 years now, and throughout these 6 years they have grown as both individuals and dancers, made many lifelong friends, and have always been treated with kindness, care and respect. They, as dancers, are taught to respect each other, learn from others, and work as a team. The entire Dance Expressions de danse family of staff and teachers, along with Miss Jayde, Miss Tara, and Miss Kathy, have all done a wonderful job of recognizing the girls’ abilities and helping them to develop their skills and confidence.  We are proud, as parents to be a part of the Dance Expressions family and are happy that our girls are part of such a wonderful dance studio.

Emiliy Daigle

I am so happy that I am apart of this amazing dance family, I have made so many friends and am always so excited to see what each new year brings. Dance expressions de danse is truly my second home not only for the time I get to spend there but for the way they always make me feel welcome, I really couldn’t wish for a better dance family.

Mitch and Shannon Jerome

We have been part of the Dance Expressions de danse family for the last nine years.  Both of our girls have taken a variety of dance disciplines at the studio.  The studio is a warm and welcoming environment for all ages and the staff makes each one of their dancers feel special.  Miss Tara has played a very important role in fostering our children’s love for dance.  Her animated demeanour and her enthusiasm is infectious and has been passed along to our daughters.  When a child comes out of a one-hour dance class and says “Mommy, I need to go home and practice my split jumps”, you know that not only does your child love to dance but she wants to use proper technique and be the best that she can be.  This studio has a perfect balance of technique, confidence, fun and passion. We have been so lucky to have Miss Jayde, Miss Tara and all of the staff at Dance Expressions de danse in our girls’ lives.

Zoé Lukach

I’ve been a part of the Dance Expressions de danse family since their opening in 2008, and I was fortunate enough to have been a part of the Dance Express Team for what seems like forever. Walking into the studio never failed to bring a smile to my face, the studio was my second home, and dance was and still is my passion.  Miss Jayde and Miss Tara are always willing to give their time to the students and are driven to see the growth in their students.  The time they spend behind the scenes is indescribable. I am forever grateful to have been a part of the Dance Expressions de danse family and I cannot wait to come back home and share all of the new knowledge I have acquired throughout my dancing years with the studio!

Ms. S. Hazlewood

This September will be our 3rd year with Dance Expressions, and we absolutely love it. The staff are amazing, and you never feel uncomfortable; Whether you’re a child or an adult (with no experience or with) I personally have enjoyed the moms dance for recital, and I also enjoy the drop in classes for adults. My daughter is always eager to sign up and try a new style of dance to her, and as soon as school is done for the summer you can be sure she’s asking when dance camp starts up. Dance expressions truly is like a family.


Miss Tara made ballet so much fun! I loved pretending I was a butterfly and dancing with my teddy bea


As a parent, it is so exciting to see your child take interest in something and be so excited to go week after week. Miss Tara and the other teachers do such an incredible job at not only keeping the attention of the little ones, but combining fun and games with technical movements so that they are learning the entire time.

McMillan Family

As a parent that it is new to having their child in the world of dance, it is wonderful to feel like your child automatically becomes a part of something bigger, part of the family – whether they are in pre-ballet or a competitive program.

Angela Nicholls

I can’t say enough about Dance Expressions de danse, Tara & Jayde and the business they have built for themselves. I taught at Dance Expressions de danse for many years and got to see first hand the passion, love and dedication that they have for their students, the studio and their staff members. My daughter has been dancing at Dance Expressions de danse for two years now and I have seen her confidence grow along with her passion and love for dance and I contribute this all to the welcoming and positive environment that Dance X holds. Thank you Tara, Jayde and Kathy for all you do and your commitment to dance education in our city!

Alyssa Oshell

At Dance Expressions de danse, I discovered how much I love to dance! I started off as a recreational dancer there when I was 6 years old. Like any other dancer at that age I was just there to have fun, which I did every time I walked into the studio. Then we started to learn our dances for showcase and I was very nervous. When I was backstage getting ready to go on, I was so excited to show everyone what I could do! As I continued to dance at Dance Expressions de danse, I kept on having an amazing time but I wanted to take dance to the next level. That’s when I decided to try out for the full time competitive team. I walked into tryouts not knowing anyone and I was super nervous. As time went on, I met a lot of new people and a lot of new dances. I walked in knowing anyone and walked out having 20 new friends that I knew I would have forever!

Della and Joe Oshell

When my daughter started dances at the age of 6, she was shy and nervous and did not have a lot of confidence in herself. Over the past 7 years at Dance Expressions de danse, her confidence has increased so dramatically that it amazes me. A girl who I was unsure would perform at the year end show, now goes on stage and dances solo at competitions. She has formed strong friendships and bonds that will influence her throughout her life. The dance teachers are amazing! They have taught my daughter that in order to achieve a goal, you have to work hard. They have high expectations for my daughter, which has taught her to strive to achieve things she did not think were possible. The discipline, dedication, commitment and passion that she has developed will guide her in life to make the right choices and set high goals for herself. I am so happy we became part of the Dance Expressions de danse family!

Allison Zadorozny Quinn

I first brought my daughter to Dance Expressions de danse, at the age of 3, on the recommendation of a few good friends. I’m so glad I listened!  We were warmly welcomed as soon as we stepped foot in the studio and now years later it is like a second home, not just to Sonja but to our entire family.   She enjoys all of her dance classes and I enjoy watching her learn and grow as a dancer with the guidance of the wonderful, skilled and patient instructors.  Sonja has developed some lasting friendships and we look forward to many more years spent ‘at the studio’